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Hand-painted on canvas! Celebrating those special moments in their lives!



Love being the centre of attention... When they want to be. My cat loves to disrupt art classes, painting time, and webinars. I've heard many stories that your cats are the same. What better way to play to their vanity and keep them happy than with a custom made painting of... themselves.


Name. The thoughtful face
Date. 2020
Inspiration. I am beyond excited to finally be able to share this painting with you. It is by far one of my favourite commissioned pieces from 2020.

This one comes from a wonderful guy in the USA called Randy, who wanted an ultra-special commissioned painting for his wife's birthday. What an amazing and unique idea for a gift like no other.

I jumped at the chance and this is the finished result. Hoping you love it too...


Name: Sassy

Date: 2020

Inspiration: Commissioned from Australia! I'm so delighted to share this one with you and to have been commissioned to paint it... As I said yesterday there are photos that I receive that clients want to use for commissioning artwork. Some, stand out to my eyes, some don't as much. This one definitely stood out.

I knew right from the start that this painting was going to be something special that would not only look amazing on my client's walls but also so so much to help encourage future clients to work with me...

Created with GIMP

Name: All snuggled up

Date: 2020

Inspiration: This too, like the painting above is now in a home in Australia.

This one is particularly special to me because it was the first of this nature I.E two cats cuddled up so warm and cozy.

The photo spoke to my heart and my heart really filled up with emotion and love when I was painting this piece. It is one of my favourite ones of all time.

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