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Have you wondered how I create a custom horse painting?

Find out in the videos below. Perfect for all horse, race horse, horse racing, horse riding lovers.

Painting the brown horse

The video of the painting above is perhaps one of my most beloved horse paintings. It is a wonderful memory on canvas of this beautiful horse.

This really is the power of memories on canvas custom horse portraits.

Where it began

Where it all began for me. This video captures the very first time that I ever painted a horse. It was one of my biggest artistic fulfillments over my career

Combining human and horse

 incorporating a person and an animal into one painting for the first time

I had never done a painting of this style before. However, I was willing to try and give it a go. The result as you can see was something bright and beautiful

Skills & Expertise

Why You Should Choose John
John's credentials

Internationally recognised artist.
Sells large amounts of work in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Germany, and France.
Full time artist
A master of providing the highest level of customer service and listening to people's needs.
Studied art from Bob Ross, Eugine Lushpin, Thomas Kincade and many artists through the ages.
Student of art history
Art Teacher to one of the largest private art schools in South Ayrshire.
Colitis and Dyspraxia survivor
Fast on the way to nearly 1000 commissions
Fully self-employed in the world of art since 2016
Paints a wide variety of subjects and genres and has great success selling each one of them.

Customer service
Clients Love Of The Painting Recieved

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