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Custom Horse portraits

Custom Horse portraits


Custom Horse portraits

I create stunning custom horse portraits for you

From your photos

Custom Horse Portraits Gallery

How Ordering A Custom Horse Portrait Works


Choose Your Photo

Select the photo that you desire for me to paint for you.

Make sure the photo is as clear as possible. If you're unsure don't worry as John (Artist) will provide feedback if it isn't clear enough


Contact us! We are here to help

Once you have your photo selected fill out the contact box below and let us know the ideas you have for your painting.

We will get back to you ASAP (usually within 24 hours)

We will then ask you to send over your photo so we can send you a quote.

white stallion close

Leave the rest to us

Once all the details are ironed out, leave the rest to us.

Within 4-6 weeks or sooner your stunning painting will be ready to view. John will directly send you an email with a photo attached so you can see the beautiful work he has created for you.

Some of my favorite custom horse portraits and the stories behind them


Name: The horse and the girl

Date: 2016

Inspiration: The USA is known for many things. Horses is one of them. On the farms across the land, in some states they still have horse drawn carriages.

This custom horse paintings story tells the story of a little girl who simply loves her horse. She's a country girl, through and through. Happy and enjoying play. Everything from this painting indicates such love and happiness and it's always a pleasure when I see this piece upon my timeline.

donna horse and boy

Name: The Horse and the boy

Date: 2015

Inspiration: Of all the pieces I have created over the years for clients all over the world. I feel this has to be one of my top ten for story telling.

It tells of an amazing bond between a horse and it's young rider. The enjoyment that they have together and share when they are around once another.

I chose the name, from one of my latest works favourite series of books that I had been reading at the time, the chronicles of Narnia.

I wonder what story do you see/ hear when you see this custom horse portrait?


Name: The White Stallion

Date: 2015

Inspiration: I always wanted to paint a horse. That's it really, that simple.

I had an idea in my mind and knew what emotions I wanted to convey through the artwork and so I set to work on this piece.

I particularly love that the background really boosts the Horse and almost pushes her right off the canvas.

Why Choose John?

John's credentials

  • Internationally recognised artist.
  • Sells large amounts of work in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Germany, and France.
  • Full time artist
  • A master of providing the highest level of customer service and listening to people's needs.
  • Studied art from Bob Ross, Eugine Lushpin, Thomas Kincade and many artists through the ages.
  • Student of art history
  • Art Teacher to one of the largest private art schools in South Ayrshire.
  • Illustrator
  • Colitis and Dyspraxia survivor
  • Fast on the way to nearly 1000 commissions
  • Fully self-employed in the world of art since 2016
  • Paints a wide variety of subjects and genres and has great success selling each one of them.
Customer service
Love of the final piece

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